Play beyond consumerism

  This is about the "domestication" of so-called science and technology.
 There are two levels or variations of traditional education.

  One is the academic or college version, in which the real physics is obscured by vague
generalizations and mathematical abstractions to the point that one is left confused and
original theories are lost or obscured.
 This type of education quite cerebral and leaves you nothing to see or to do with your hands.

  The second is the technical or garage mechanic version which teaches one how the turn the screws without explaining what is going on.


  What we  will show here is how you can understand what seems fantastic, arcane, complicated,
strive to remove sensationalism from science and focus on how to construct basic scientific
machines from ordinary household materials.  

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 The manufacturing 
of  modern things like electric 
lighting and computers depends on the use of vacuum technology. 

 Even seemingly unrelated products 
like aluminum foil and refined 
sugar have been touched by 
reduced pressures while being 

 These are other experiments or works in progress. 
 Some will eventually have a title picture like the one above.  

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